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Sukhvinder Singh

Entrepreneur, free spirit, tech geek. Complex soul who loves to explore multiple interests.


Expertism – killing the creative soul 01st May, 2018

Playing the cards in Game of Life 27th April, 2018



Hey there. Welcome to my digital home.

I’m Sukhvinder and I run this site.

So who am I?


I was born in India and I have lived in Norway since 1976. I’m a husband and a dad of 2.

I’m a entrepreneur, programmer, geek, writer, motivator, public speaker, counselor, free spirit, sikh, +++.

Actually I’m a lot. I don’t like labels and I don’t like to be boxed. I’m undefinable.

I am a Scanner, multipotentialite, multipassionate. What does this mean? I’ve written a post about all this.

I love taking online courses because it is like a candy store for me. I can learn whatever I want. I’m so curious.

My experience has given me business and marketing skills. I’ve learned over time to communicate well.

My home office is full of books.

I’m most happy when I am allowed to explore new subjects and then teach/present it forward.

My hopes for this blog is to inspire to innovate, to have freedom and to live your life your own way.

In the social media world you can find me here:




If you would like to work with me please contact me via the Contact page.

Wishing you a wonderful curious day.

Sukhvinder Singh



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