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How to express gratitude



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Entrepreneur, free spirit, tech geek. Complex soul who loves to explore multiple interests.


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How to express gratitude

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How do you feel when you say “Thank you”? What is your state when you express gratitude?

What the books of wisdom say:

Give thanks, even if you feel miserable or dissatisfied.

When you say the words “Thank you”, it is like a source of light, peace and joy springing from your soul. You will feel this source flood in all of your body. You will feel something coming to life, something that is growing.

“Thank you” are the simplest words , but they give you relaxation. Whenever you say those words, repeat them several times and feel their meaning deep inside.

When you are in the state of gratitude and you allow the feeling to grow, it becomes more than just passive. The feeling possesses specific vibrations, and through the law of affinity it attracts corresponding thoughts and sensations.

This simple expression of gratitude will bring you every blessing.

It should be naturally to say words like “Thank you, Lord”, “Thank you, God”. It should feel easy.

When you thank the Creator, you are moving out of the tight circle of your personal, limited self and into the peace of cosmic consciousness. When you return, you will sense in yourself new, very precious elements.

How I express gratitude:

I start my mornings with prayer. When I’m finished with the prayer I express my gratitude to the Lord, a gratitude for everything I have got in life. Family, food, health, wealth, success – everything. I express it so that I really mean it. I focus all my attention to feeling deeply grateful for everything I have and say “Thank you” as I think of every little thing I have in life.

During the day if something happens that makes me happy or gives me hope, I express gratitude. If I meet someone of interest, I express gratitude. Any situation that makes me happy I thank for it.

One happy instance that I can remember clearly is when someone, at the place where I used to work, ¬†brought his puppy dog at the office. It was such a joy to see a puppy play and be curious that it made me so happy just watching the puppy’s actions. I expressed gratitude for having this experience and I had this feeling inside me for a long time.

I now have a treasure inside of me. I can bring this feeling up whenever I need it to handle a bad day.

How awesome is that? I can create tools of happiness for free inside me.

How do you express gratitude? Do you say “Thank you” often? And to whom?

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Sukhvinder Singh

Entrepreneur, free spirit, tech geek. Complex soul who loves to explore multiple interests.

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