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Playing the cards in Game of Life



Sukhvinder Singh

Entrepreneur, free spirit, tech geek. Complex soul who loves to explore multiple interests.


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Playing the cards in Game of Life

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On my morning walk today I was pondering on how most people deal with what they have been given on life.

I tried to make sense with what I currently know about how life unfolds for me.

And here is my take on the thoughts;

We are born into specific families, religions, cultures and environments.

Do we chose where and how to be born?

Spiritually developed souls thinks so – that we make a contract before we enter this world.

A contract about what we want to experience and┬ábecause we want to grow as souls – and that’s what we are in our most true essence – souls.

For this reason we choose specific families, religions, cultures and environments to be born into.

This happens while we still are in the spiritual realm as souls.

In order to evolve we chose to undergo an evolution of our own choice.

The divine entities support us in our choices and we also make contract with other souls – to help us acquire the necessary experience.

All the problems and resistance that we experience are rules of engagement of this divine contract.

So we have chosen the game, agreed on the rules of engagement and then we are dealt the cards by being sent to this physical world into the family, culture, religion and environment.

How we play the game is the life unfolding for us. To many seekers this might be translated into searching for “The meaning of Life”.

It’s a divine game for us to move to the next level of our souls development.

The winner is determined based on how well she plays the cards that has been dealt to her and if she has learnt the lesson from the divine contract.


How well have I played this game – so far?

I’m thinking that people who are more experienced than me will say – “There is still room for improvement!”.

People who learn from my strategy might say “Thank you for sharing”.

If you ask me; Only I know the stress, the anxiety and the uncertainty I’m experiencing – looking at my cards and pondering on the next move.

What will the result be if I take this action or that action? Should Iplay this card or that card.

We might have great impression of the player – where she looks confident and it seems she knows her game.

But inside she is terrified of the choices she want to make. She is uncertain because so much depends on her choices.

Her life, her children, family, friends and work.

And I think this is a pretty good picture of what all of us are going through in these stressful times.

Wars, unemployment, environmental changes, increased tensions between different religious and cultural groups.

So much tensions to deal with.

And then we have the digital life – smartphones and social media where everyone else’s life seems to be perfect. On the outside.

But we forget to remind us that they are also in the same boat as us.

They are also staring at their cards and terrified to make a decision.

Remember when you are observing someones life whether in real life or social media – know that they putting up that poker-face to look confident.

Behind the scenes they are just like you and me.

So looking at others people playing the game of life – do not envy them.

Have compassion.

In the end it will come back to ourselves because we are fragments of the same consciousness.



Sukhvinder Singh

Entrepreneur, free spirit, tech geek. Complex soul who loves to explore multiple interests.

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