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5 ways being a multipotentialite has enriched my life



Sukhvinder Singh

Entrepreneur, free spirit, tech geek. Complex soul who loves to explore multiple interests.


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5 ways being a multipotentialite has enriched my life

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Being a multipotentialite has been a blessing since I found out that I have multipotentialite personality. So what are the benefits of having multiple interests in a world that mostly appreciates specialists? Let me tell you about how I experience it so far.

So here are 5 ways my life is enriched by being a multipotentialite:

1. Having Mental Freedom

Ever since I found out that having multiple interests is not a curse, I have this mental freedom to do everything I wanted.  I have stopped trying to put myself into a box of description of who I was and how I was supposed to be according to society.

Now a I can pursue anything that my heart desires and I can leave it whenever I want and I will not feel trapped in a task or a field. Whenever I am satisfied with current interested I can jump to the next thing on my list.

I can revisit any of the projects that I started at any time.

It is awesome to finally have freedom – mental freedom.

2. Not Feeling Guilty

I can work with all the projects that I love without having to feel guilty about it.

Before I would feel burdened by not focusing on a specific field of interest, but now I have no shame or guilt to follow my exploring souls wishes.

Now everything feel just right when I jump from subject to subject, and I feel proud and good to learn something new.

I don”t feel guilty anymore of having a lot’s of books in various different subjects. I don’t feel guilty about not following an academic path. I feel good about taking short courses in various subjects.

Not guilty – Your Honor.

3. More Positive Energy

Now that I allow my curiosity “to follow the scent” I feel more energized by the activities related to learning and exploring, rather than feeling  that I am wasting my time.

The more I can read, write and dive into my thoughts about a subject the more happy I feel.

I noticed that I would get negative feelings whenever I was watching TV, because I thought since I could not focus on a specific field I was a lost case. And then I would just watch TV to escape the negative feelings.

But now the game is different, now I am more happy sitting in my reading chair with a book in my hands.

It also gains those around me that I have more positive energy.

4. Not Feeling Alone

Ever since I read about being a multipotentialite I found that there are many other people in the same situation. Suddenly I was not alone and it was nothing wrong with me.

I have found communities online, like Puttylike, and I have met wonderful people with similar interests and personalities.

I’ve learned about how other multipotentialites have struggled with the same feelings and challenges as myself. The great news is that we can help each other and learn from each other.

We  are helping to increase social-awareness and acceptance of multipotentialites.

5. More Doors Are Opening Up

Not that I have accepted myself as a multipotentialite new doors and new paths are opening up. I meet people with a different approach  and I can see new possibilities for new businesses and ideas.

I don’t have to restrict myself to one field and I can play around with new ideas and put the knowledge of the various subjects to use.

I can team up with many different people and use the knowledge from the different domains I have explored (and still exploring) to help other persons and businesses.

New online business ideas are shaping up and I am meeting the right type of persons in my life.

My life feels more aligned to my values now.


September 23rd – 25th is a world wide celebration of being a multipotetialites and this celebration is called Puttyfest arranged by  Emilie Wapnick.

Let me know what you think about this post.



Sukhvinder Singh

Entrepreneur, free spirit, tech geek. Complex soul who loves to explore multiple interests.


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