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Expertism – killing the creative soul



Sukhvinder Singh

Entrepreneur, free spirit, tech geek. Complex soul who loves to explore multiple interests.


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Expertism – killing the creative soul

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I have been reflecting over this for a very long time about how society promotes the experts. That you have to be an expert in something to be something in this world.

Why is that?

And our education system is not helping either. It seems that today’s education system want everyone to fit into a “one-size-to-fit-them-all” bucket. This type of approach seems, to me, to only produce robots and not critical thinkers.

Critical thinking is essential to be able to see and think outside of the box. Outside the box is where creativity is birthed.

The breed I’m talking about and those who are ignored are the generalists. In some circles they are called:

  • scanners
  • mulitpotentialites
  • serial enthusiasts
  • renaissance souls
  • or polymaths.

A website called Puttylike describes the curious personalities like this:

Boredom usually hits once we’ve learned what we are meant to learn on a particular topic, and instead of moving on, we try to continue down a path we’re no longer interested in. Boredom is our body’s way of telling us that it’s time to move on to something new.

This describe my personality perfectly as well. I tend to have many interests and whenever trying to conform to societies expectations of becoming an expert in a any field does not appeal to me at all. I want to be able to explore all the interests that come up.

It is at times frustrating for me that I start to think of me as useless because I don’t feel like I fit in any model in this weird world. In one period I can deep dive into programming and just enjoy tutorials and learning abut new technologies and at other time I just want to write, read, meditate, yoga, web design and there so much more to mention.

I want to pursue so many passions but the idea that I should be focusing on just one – drives my energy levels through the ground.

My dream world is that money is not the driving force for choosing your career, it should be what your soul want to contribute to the world and society. To me this sounds so rewarding – and I truly believe this is true for everyone who is idealists and who are not driven by money.

Trying to follow the money drains the voice of my soul. This is how I am and I know there are many like me but are too afraid to be ridiculed. They are afraid to be ridiculed by the rules of the society.

Questions that arise in my mind are:

  • Why are there such rules?
  • Who created them?
  • What was their purpose to create such rules?
  • Who started the education system to try to create conforming individuals? Robots?
  • Who is the designer of this system?

God created me like this. If I’m a creation of God and I do not fit into the models of modern society – is then God’s creation a flaw?

I thought God was flawless!

What spirituality has taught me is that there are no rules for the soul, the rules are made by humans. The soul follows the higher calling that God had appointed to each one of us. Our main goal in life is to follow this guidance from within. Trust the right signs.

Go bananas about what you want to learn, do or learn. There are no rules and there is no one who can tell you what to do. If they do – then they are just revealing their own restrictive thoughts to you. Do not listen to them.

Listen to your soul because it is talking from a higher perspective – with Gods grace.



Sukhvinder Singh

Entrepreneur, free spirit, tech geek. Complex soul who loves to explore multiple interests.

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